Did you know that heating and cooling can account for 20 – 50% of your annual energy bill? The average Melbourne household spends roughly $1,226 on electricity alone every year. This means heating and cooling your home is a significant expense. This is where a proper residential insulation comes in aid.

How Can We Save Money On Heating In Winter?

When your house becomes too cold, that’s when you rely on artificial heating to warm it back up to a more comfortable temperature. Instead of doing this, you could insulate your home. 

Roof Insulation protects your home from external temperature variations. It helps to reduce the amount of heat escaping from your home and keep your home warm. By upgrading your home’s insulation, you can save up to 45% on your electricity bill.

How to Insulate your Home:

  • Wall Insulation

Around a third of all the heat lost in your home escapes through the walls, so it’s a good place to start. To insulate your walls, you first need to decide if they are cavity walls or solid walls. Cavity walls can be insulated by a professional, who will inject insulation material into the space in the wall. Solid walls can be insulated from the inside or outside of your home.

  • Attic Or Roof Insulation

An uninsulated house could be losing up to 25% of its heat through the roof. Insulating your loft, attic or roof is an effective way to limit heat loss and reduce your bills. Roof insulation is a complex task and should be left to the professionals. If your roof needs insulating, talk to Attic Insulation today.

  • Floor Insulation

Insulating your floor is another important way to keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills. First, you need to work out what type of floor you have. If your floor is made of concrete, it can be insulated when it needs to be replaced, or you can add rigid insulation boards. If you have a wooden floor, it can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying down mineral wool insulation, supporting it with netting laid between the joists.

Looking for Roof Insulation Company in Melbourne?

Whether you need a full roof insulation or just want to inspect your existing insulation, Attic Insulation have experienced and qualified insulation installers who can manage anything.

If you need advice on your roof, talk to one of our experts today.

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