The R-Value of thermal insulation measures how resistant the insulation is to heat transfer. A higher R-value means a higher insulating rating. In other words, the higher the R-Value, the better the product is at insulating your home. This means less heat loss in winter, less heat gain in summer and increased savings on your energy bill year-around.

R-Value Insulation
R-value visible (R-21)

Why is R-Value Important?

The R-Value of an insulation product is the most important factor to consider if you want effective thermal insulation for your home.

It doesn’t matter what brand you choose or whether you go for glasswool, foilboard or polyester insulation. If you don’t choose the right R-Value, you won’t get the maximum benefits from your thermal insulation.

Whether you are building a new house, looking to retrofit ceiling insulation or thinking about renovating your home, make sure you consider the R-Value of your insulation products!

How is R-Value Calculated?

R-Value is calculated based on two factors:

  • the thickness of the insulation product and
  • its thermal conductivity.

R-Value = Thickness (m) / Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

The thickness of an insulation product and how poorly it conducts heat both affect its overall performance. The thicker the product, the higher the R-Value and the better the insulating power.

You can’t completely stop the flow of heat, but you can reduce the rate of heat flow by using materials which are not good at conducting heat. The higher the resistance to heat flow that the material offers, the higher the R-Value will be.

How To Choose Right R-Value

If you are building a new home then the minimum R-values are included in the energy report. These are the minimum R-values that you need to install in order for your house to receive a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

If you live in an existing home with no thermal insulation installed in the ceiling, then installing insulation of any R-Value will in most cases significantly reduce the amount of heat entering and leaving your home.

If you are planning a major renovation in an existing home, now is the time to think about R-Value. Retrofitting wall insulation in existing homes, topping up ceiling insulation and choosing the right underfloor insulation are all best done during the renovation phase.

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